Covid 19

It came to teach everyone the worth of nature
The importance of each existing creature
The need for cleanliness
A lesson for the careless
Shown the pain of the poor
And the level of sympathy of the rich
Locked humans to think staying isolated
Unlocked animals to breathe the fresh air without fear
Shown the love of the nature
As well as the anger of the nature
Took the life of million dreamers
In between the innocents too sacrificed along with the hungry heartless human eaters
Where money gets the priority
Where luxury decides the status
Where value of notes are greater than human lives
Where humanity has almost come into extinction..
There came the..
God who has also stepped into to show his new creation
To wash the evil that is residing within humans
Running to catch the word “Hope” to Live
But only they will survive who posses a clean spirit..

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