Under the dark sky..

Search me under the moonlight
When nothing seems to be alright
I will cease your pain
And wipe out all your sorrows to drain..
I will take you on a long ride
To the city of serenity where you can slide..
Until we meet the soothing wind of┬ámournful twilight…
Till your soul don’t breathe the fragile┬ásilence of radiant thoughts
I won’t stop..
Unless you meet the horizon that the next morning will bring
Where your solitude soul will fly with it’s strongest wings
Once again filled with love and bless
Here,Just allow your weary heart to rest..

Covid 19

It came to teach everyone the worth of nature
The importance of each existing creature
The need for cleanliness
A lesson for the careless
Shown the pain of the poor
And the level of sympathy of the rich
Locked humans to think staying isolated
Unlocked animals to breathe the fresh air without fear
Shown the love of the nature
As well as the anger of the nature
Took the life of million dreamers
In between the innocents too sacrificed along with the hungry heartless human eaters
Where money gets the priority
Where luxury decides the status
Where value of notes are greater than human lives
Where humanity has almost come into extinction..
There came the..
God who has also stepped into to show his new creation
To wash the evil that is residing within humans
Running to catch the word “Hope” to Live
But only they will survive who posses a clean spirit..

The silence..

The silence wants to speak

Phone calls,messages lacked to be a medium to feel the silent cry..

Yeah i am falling apart

Yet choosed not to talk

Let the pain still walk..

Because words can’t define what i feel

And allowed the silence to kill

From within..

Until it peeled off my eyes

Until it peeled off my heart

Until i love myself AGAIN!

breathing fresh or polluted?

Born alone but need somebody to handle us throughout the journey..

We will die alone but still need someone to take care of..

Life is so heavenly that we become greedy to capture the beauty..we become selfish to share anything we have..We all are in a rat race running for fame,name and status just for self satisfaction.Feed yourself where there is love,respect and kindness not the one where there is hatred and evil mind.Think before you feed..

We do understand the pain of others deep down but still chose to kept it unseen and hurt those people.Empathy is diminishing no matter how much sympathy you gain..

A good person also changes his direction into wrong path when his companions are as poisonous as snakes.Making a bond is easy but to up hold till the entity is tough and in between you see the different shades of a person..

So Have anyone thought before going to bed the love and sin they do the entire day?

Phase of pain..

The pain was intense
The love was deep
The thoughts were haunted
Your words were hard to forget
I close my eyes to feel you near
But your ruthless words were more powerful to play with my mind
It sings out loud in my head
Can you sing something more beautiful for me to replace it?
Can You??
You protect me from evils
Then why you become the evil on behalf of others?
I feel like a piece of shit that one wants to throw in the garbage
A brutal scenario plays in front of my eyes
The guilt of my mistake is as deep as the roots

Shall i dig myself with it?
If that makes you happy
I can bury myself alive
But can’t bear to lose you
Because i am truely in love with you..

Come closer..

Under the silent twilight
Shouts the train horn
Where our memories were born
That cool breeze gave a soft touch of that same night with you
The cold was no more cold
Because the moments were more warmer like a cozy blanket
And my soul was already inside it
Which makes me feel your proximity
While Carrying your thoughts with care
You made me feel you are near..
Plucking those remembrance
Filled with a bunch of happiness and a bunch of sadness
Trying to decorate my love in between it with some peacefulness

An autocratic state of mind that leads to a diminishing end

Weakness : Knowingly or Unknowingly your weakness is leading you.

Learn to accept your weakness and work on it rather than allowing it to rule over you and keeping it unseen..

Weakness never heals instead make your situation more worse and ruins up every heavenly moments..

A person tentatively prefer to blame others when they have no control on their manipulated mind..Strange but truth..

Know yourself.No one is born perfect

We all are at the stepping up using trial and error method..